This page will help you get started with our API.

Welcome to Trébol 🍀!

You're on your way to verifying your business customers' identity in Latin America with just one integration.

📝 Let's start with some definitions

  • Business: a customer to whom you want to validate its identity. Usually, these are companies or legal entities, but sometimes they are people with a business activity (e.g., Persona Natural con Establecimiento de Comercio in Colombia).
  • Verification Request: a request you send to Trébol asking to validate a Business. One Business can have multiple Verification Requests. For example, after an onboarding verification, you may request a new Verification Request six months later to comply with your compliance policies.
  • Item: a data source Trébol uses to verify a Business's identity. Trébol uses public information from official websites, businesses' websites, private documents, public documents, and software platforms used by businesses.

💻 API Overview

To onboard a Business with Trébol is as simple as these five steps:

  1. Connect to our API and Authenticate.
  2. Create a new Business Verification Request.
  3. Send us any document associated with the request.
  4. Receive notification from Trébol on your webhook when the data is ready.
  5. Read the Business Verification Request data.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can now validate the identity of Businesses in Latin America.