When you create a verification you have the option to attach a tag which is a unique property that will allow you to identify the companies you are on-boarding or verifying with our API. Some examples of this tag can be:

  • An internal unique ID: some-uuid
  • A company name: Example Co.

You can use the tag property to get the extracted and validated information of the company. This information is organized in what we call sections. These are:

  • Details: within this section you will get the basic information as fields. Each field can have a value or not depending on the extracted information we could gather from the documents/sources we processed with the verification.
  • Shareholders: here we will return a collection of shareholders that we could extract from the documents or sources processed with the verification
  • People: there are many people, group and roles within a company. In this section we will return the people we found in the documents or sources. These people will be grouped were each person will have information about their identity and/or the roles and powers they have within a company.