What is a Verification Item?

A Verification Item can be public or private documents, public data sources, web pages, or similar data sources that should be consulted each time you want to verify information from a Business. Each Business Verification Request you create comprises one or many verification Items.

Some examples of Verification Items are:

  • Acta Constitutiva (Mexico)
  • Acta de Asamblea (Mexico)
  • Constancia de Situación Fiscal (Mexico)
  • Certificado de Existencia y Representación Legal (i.e. Cámara de Comercio) (Colombia)
  • RUT (Colombia)

The Verification Item Object

Each Verification Item contains the following attributes:


id : string

Unique identifier for the item.
Example: some-id

item_type : string

The type of the item will determine how the item will be processed.
Example: mx_acta_constitutiva

item_status : string

Allowed values:

  • pending: The item is have not been processed yet. It could be missing some info, such as
  • success:
  • error: There was an error processing the

item_value : object

The value of the item that we obtain after processing it. This depends on the item_type.
Example: if the item type is ac_mx, this value will have the MX - Acta Constitutiva fields

		"id": "40006c45-1d7e-43b0-bf0a-15fbfe0374d3",
		"item_type": "ac_mx",
		"item_status": "success",
		"item_value": {
      // Object corresponding to the item type.