Trebol's API is organized around the Verification Object. Whenever you want to access updated information from a Business, you have to Create a Verification. If you want to access information from a previously created Verification, you can Retrieve a Verification.

The Verification Object

Each Verification Object contains the following attributes:


id : string

Unique identifier of the Verification Request.
Example: 93083672-7725-4fa2-9798-fb28da15bd2c

created_at: string

ISO 8601 formatted date when the Verification was created.
Example: 2021-12-11T21:27:17.315Z

country: string

Country code form the Country where de business verification is being done.
Example: mx.

status : string

Allowed values:

  • pending: The Verification is in process.
  • success: The Verification was successfully processed.
  • error: There was an error during the process of verification.

tax_id: string

Tax or legal id of the Business being verified.
Ex. RFC65432A123

metadata: JSON

Metadata that you sent at the moment that you created the Verification.

Ex. {"key":"some-meta-data"}

items: array of Verification Item

An array containing all the information of the items requested on the Verification request. For more information about Verification Items, see this link.

Verification Object Response Example

  "id": "de34c52-a089-1df2-9b14-1a0f817c1003",
  "created_at": "2024-10-23T16:48:34.713Z",
  "country": "mx",
  "status": "success",
  "tax_id": "some-tax-id",
  "metadata": {
    "some": "metadata-value"
  "items": [
      "id": "49543c0b-67a4-459c-9a66-a555f4f95251",
      "item_status": "success",
      "item_type": "ac_mx",
      "item_value": {
        "id": "acta_1234",
        "acta_number": "some-number",
        "acta_date": "2022-08-23",
        "acta_city": "Ciudad de México",
        "acta_state": "Ciudad de México",
        "business_name": "ACME",
        "business_type": "SOCIEDAD ANONIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE",
        "business_tax_id": "ACM123456A12",
        "business_duration": "indefinida",
        "foli_doate": "2020-05-05",
        "folio_number": "N-2020012345",
        "capital_fixed_value": 50000,
        "capital_fixed_shares": 10,
        "capital_fixed_value_per_share": 5000,
        "capital_fixed_value_currency": "MXN",
        "capital_variable_value": 0,
        "capital_variable_shares": 0,
        "capital_variable_value_per_share": 0,
        "capital_variable_value_currency": "MXN",
        "capital_total_value": 50000,
        "capital_total_shares": 10,
        "capital_total_value_currency": "MXN",
        "shareholders": [
            "name": "John Doe",
            "type": "person",
            "id_number": "RFC1234",
            "id_type": "RFC",
            "nationality": "MEXICANO",
            "fixed_value": 50000,
            "fixed_shares": 10,
            "variable_value": 0,
            "variable_shares": 0,
            "total_value": 50000,
            "total_shares": 10,
            "total_stake": 50000,
            "currency": "MXN"
        "signatories": [
            "name": "John Doe",
            "type": "person",
            "id_number": "RFC1234",
            "id_type": "RFC",
            "power_credits": "has_power",
            "signatory_credit_powers_limit": null